How to Purchase Book….

In order to purchase a copy of, “i lost my job…and 99 other reasons to drink”, please go to Once there, click on Paypal and pay $11/per book(includes shipping) in the box that says “item price”. We will then mail your copy of the book to you the next business day. Thank you in advance for your support!

New author and popular bartender Trey Wheat has learned in his own real life challenges that humor and laughter are healthy for the heart and soul. In his new book “i lost my job… and 99 other reasons to drink,” Wheat stirs up the perfect ingredients and remedies for modern day issues.

Wheat, who has experienced being laid off multiple times within a few years, is a recent divorcee and is learning the post traumatic effects of the recession, is more than gifted when it comes to offering more than 100 alcoholic recipes. The author’s debut highlights specialty drinks that spell out “Why did I get Married?”, “i lost my job,” “My Baby Daddy,“ “Still a Virgin,“ and “Just filed for Divorce,” just to name a few.
For only $10, Wheat doesn’t just offer readers your typical happy hour special, but he finds a soothing and humorous way to manage everyday life.


One Response to How to Purchase Book….

  1. Carla Sewell says:

    Hello Trey – hope all is going well with the sale of your book! I just purchased two copies – not sure if u need my mail address or not? In case you do – 34 St. Georgia Drive, Hanover, PA 17331… Thank you!

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