Happy Hour – America’s Best Cities

Did you hear about America’s best cities to visit for Happy Hour? Due to the recession many bars and clubs are offering great “Happy Hour” specials and some places offer daily specials; not just on Friday. The economy may be putting a damper on our pocket books but it is creating more opportunities for deep discounts for the social scene and the happiest Happy Hours!

After a long and tedious work week, lots of people like to relax in a nice club or bar and indulge in the “Happy Hour” to have casual drinks with coworkers. Not only can ‘Happy Hour’ take the edge off, but socializing with coworkers after office hours can lead to improved team work with peers and coworkers, instilling mutual trust and communication between supervisors and team workers. Happy Hour is also a great time to network with industry leaders in your area of interest.

Local pubs are not the only ones offering these Happy Hour specials. You can easily find 4 or 5 star restaurants offering fantastic deals as well. There has been a noticeable upsurge of venues offering delicious taster menus for the Happy Hour as well as fabulous new drink concoctions that make for a fun night out! Many Happy Hour specials around the country are featuring discounts on popular menu items and some establishments will offer a Happy Hour style dinner menu with delicious entrees and drinks.

As the Happy Hour can be fun and enjoyable there are a few cities around the country that are well known for their great food and cocktail specials and relaxing ambiance. When asked which cities have the best reputation for the Happy Hour special, CNBC asked around and came up with a list of 12 cities who offer the best Happy Hour deals.

A list was created from over 60 cities nationwide and selections were rated based on criteria such as number of Happy Hours, quality, variety, and density of Happy Hours as well as local color and ambience.

The 12 most popular cities in America with the best Happy Hours are:

#1 Portland – with venues offering 803 Happy Hours per square mile, 5.5. This is surely the best American city for Happy Hour. Portland’s beer culture runs deep in this city; with more breweries than any other city. With the 803 Happy Hours listed, Portland is half the size of New York but has twice the number of Happy Hour offerings.

#2 Washington, D.C. – with venues offering 880 Happy Hours per square mile, 12.9. This city is full of delightful young professionals, several colleges, and a majority of working professionals in the bar scene making this city a major Happy Hour hub.

#3 San Diego – with venues offering 751 Happy Hours per square mile, 2.0. San Diego is famous for its dining, entertainment and urban shopping district, The Gaslamp Quarter. This area boasts 16 ½ blocks of high quality Happy Hour establishments. Seafood, appetizers, libations, bright lights and fun are on the menu here.

#4 Seattle – with venues offering 1,023 Happy Hours per square mile: 8.5. Seattle is best known for coffee and all types of beverages including beer. Cocktails, beer and other drinks along with great local food samplings are offered at, pubs, bars and restaurants to create a Happy Hour nirvana.

#5 New York City – with venues offering 1,726 Happy Hours per square mile: 3.7. The Big Apple has the nation’s most diverse Happy Hour selections with a lot of creative options for Happy Hour. Many fine hours are spent carousing and enjoying the delightful entrees and drink creations in New York City.

#6 Philadelphia – with venues offering 643 Happy Hours per square mile: 4.5. This is the City of Brotherly Love and lovely Happy Hours with local food specialties like Phillie Cheese Steak subs and, too many to mention, high-end breweries to create a Happy Hour Love In.

#7 Denver – with venues offering 1,318 Happy Hours per square mile, 8.5. This city is home to lots of breweries and ranking 1st in the nation for beer production per capita. Some area bars offer Happy Hours every day with longer peak hours for more Happy Hours for you and your friends.

#8 Austin – with venues offering 639 Happy Hours per square mile, 2.2. The defense industry and high-tech sectors dominate Austin’s economy and with approximately 50,000 students keeping the scene vibrant Austin is a Happy Hour party town!

#9 Hoboken – with venues 63 happy Hours per square mile 31.5 this is a small city but an up and coming town, teaming with eclectic pubs, and perhaps the densest concentration of Happy Hours in the country.

#10 Detroit – with venues offering 672 Happy Hours per square mile: 4.7. Few places have been hit as hard as this area during the recession so to stimulate the economy happy hours are booming in Detroit.

#11 Orlando – with venues offering 361 Happy Hours per square mile: 3.6; this region hosts over 150 international companies and a vast range of opportunities for many interesting Happy Hours.

#12 Phoenix – their venues offer 1,411 Happy Hours per square mile: 2.7; Phoenix the largest city in Arizona is heavily influenced by the Mexican culture and Tequila and is a sure fire bet for a great Happy Hour offering with tapas and local cuisine along with drinks, wines and homemade Sangrias.


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