Top 10 Celebrity-Endorsed Liquor Brands

The idea of celebrity liquor brands do not come as a surprise now, all the more so as most of them are known to have a liking for the liquor. With the news of celebrity’s liquor brands like the porn star Ron Jeremy’s very own brand of adult rum about to be launched soon; it is time to take a stock of the top 10 celebrity-endorsed liquor brands in the country.

  1. Crystal Head Vodka– The video of  Dan Ackroyd endorsing the vodka with its tell tale signature of a crystal skull is destined to move the hardened cynic making him eager to try out the celebrity liquor brands particularly this special vodka.
  2. Cabo Wabo Tequila- The Rock star Sammy Hagar made a cool $80 million by selling his stake in this second best selling tequila brand of the United States. The celebrity’s liquor brands certainly augured well for him and his finances.
  3. Conjure Cognac- The famous Rapper Ludacris took his responsibility of endorsing celebrity liquor brands quite seriously as he went over to France to try and learn cognac making. He was keen on perfecting celebrity liquor brands that bore his name and was the cognac was  produced in collaboration with the reputed house of Birkedal Hartmann.
  4. Old Whiskey River Bourbon– Willie Nelson is also quite pleased to boost the sales of this six year old Kentucky Whiskey. It is one of those specialized celebrity liquor brands that come with a signature.
  5. Mansinthe- Rocker and artist Marilyn Manson has created the label of this special absinthe brand as well. The celebrity’s liquor brands had succeeded in fetching him a gold medal at San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition in 2008.
  6. Le Flav Spirits- The reality TV star is back once again! This time for endorsing one of the most unique celebrity liquor brands. His brand is expected to woo the adventurous as he plans to go forward with flavors resembling the bubble gum, olive and sweet tea.
  7. Roberto Cavalli Vodka- Celebrity liquor brands often bear the stamp of the star themselves. This celebrity’s liquor brands are no exception either as they go Italian with a vengeance. Italian grain and water filtered via Italian marble is the selling point of this beverage.
  8. Danny DeVito Premium Limoncello-  Special celebrity liquor brands like the one Danny De Vito endorses is not too far removed from his on screen persona in the’ View’ where he was seemingly drunk on limoncello. The celebrity’s liquor brands made with natural ingredients obtained from Italy was launched soon after the episode went on air.
  9. 901 Silver Tequila- A Justin Timberlake endorsed brand but with a twist. Instead of just lending his name to celebrity liquor brands, Timberlake chose to add his area code of Memphis to the name of his signature liquor.
  10. Trump Vodka- Celebrity liquor brands bearing the name of Trump are not a rarity. This particular alcoholic beverage prides itself on being the world’s finest premium quality vodka and claims to be distilled five times before being bottled. 
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