How to avoid/cure a hangover!!!

  • Food. Before you drink, make sure you have a good meal in your stomach. Carbohydrates such as pasta or bread help absorb the alcohol in your stomach to slow the rate at which it enters your bloodstream.
  • 2

    Avoid energy drinks, coffee or anything else with caffeine in it. Caffeine will dehydrate you, contributing to a potential hangover.

  • 3

    Be careful about eating too much sugar before and while you drink. One cause of the terrible headache-hangover is the sugar hangover. Alcohol spikes your blood sugar levels. Think about how you would feel the morning after you ate 5-10 candy bars before you went to bed. Alcohol has a similar effect on your body plus other negative effects as well.

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    When you start drinking make sure you are hydrated. Make sure you stay hydrated all night by drinking water. You want about 1 cup of water for each drink. If you forget to drink water while you are drinking, then drink as much water as you can before you go to bed. If you drink beer all night, you may think you are hydrated because of the amount of liquid entering your system. You will not stay hydrated unless you also drink water.

  • 5

    Take vitamin B and vitamin C before you start drinking. Also, take an extra pill in the morning as well [after you eat something]. Do not try to take the pills on an empty stomach while you have a hangover. This may induce vomiting.

  • 6

    Start with cocktails and finish with beer. Better yet, try not mixing different types of alcohol. But if you must, remember, beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer you’re in the clear. Sticking to beer will likely minimize a hangover. Cocktails tend to disguise the amount of alcohol in a drink, leaving you guessing why you can’t stand up after only 3 rum and cokes.

  • 7

    Keep track of your drinks. One 12-oz. beer typically equals 1.5 oz. of 80-proof spirits and 5 oz. of wine.

  • 8

    Drink light-colored alcohol. Drink white wine instead of red wine. Stay away from the darker spirits such as whiskey. Darker alcohol has more impurities that contribute to headaches.

  • 9

    The next morning, drink tons of water. Eat carbohydrates such as pasta or crackers. Plain carbohydrates such as white pasta or crackers should be easier on your stomach. Also, drink a sports drink or eat an orange to raise your blood sugar levels and replenish your electrolytes. Take more vitamin C and vitamin B. Go back to sleep for 1-2 hours. Then, drink more water and try to eat some protein when you wake up. Remember to promise that you will never get that drunk again.

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